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Lunch & Responsive Web Workshop

At Deseret Digital Media (DDM), we were looking to bring in a Responsive Web Design expert to do some training with our team. However, if we were going to go to the expense of flying in someone to do a workshop with our team, we figured other people would benefit from it at as well.

Favorite IT Crowd Episode: The Internet

I posted this back in 2009, but that video on YouTube is no longer working. So I figure I’d repost it since it is such a funny episode. The IT Crowd was one of my favorite TV shows. It’s about two guys from IT Support, and their manager who doesn’t know anything about IT.

The Catalyst for Agile Development: Sprint Retrospective

By now, everyone in software has heard of agile software development, and for the most part about scrum. Almost everyone, at some point, has worked on a team who has done agile with varying degrees of success. About half the companies I know have, quite frankly, implemented agile completely wrong and it has made their process even worse. The other half have used it with some varying degrees of success, but rarely to the degree as the “mythical teams” whose productivity elevated to a whole new level.

Thoughts on HBR's "Seven Rules for Managing Creative People"

Today I saw a few mentions on twitter about a blog post by the Harvard Business Review on the Seven Rules for Managing Creative People. The reaction has been rather, well, negative from those who are “creative people.” Some thought it had to be an April Fool’s joke, but it was published on the 2nd, not the 1st. The article acknowledges the great value creative people have in a company, but then is condescending in it’s recommendations for managing them. The big issue was #5: Pay them poorly.

First Serious Attempts with PHPUnit, Composer, and the Omniture API

At work we use Omniture for our web analytics, and for a long time I’ve wanted query our Omniture Data to run some internal reports. I discovered that Omniture has a restful reporting api, and after using it for a little bit I decided it would be nice to write a wrapper library for it.

Mobile Devices: What A Difference 8 Years Made

I saw this picture and it really drove home the idea that mobile devices have become a major part of our lives. Here are two photos: one from 8 years ago when Pope Benedict XVI was introduced at St Peter’s Square, and one of just the other day when Pope Francis I was introduced. Its startling the one single contrast. Its amazing how technology can be a part of our lives.

PHP Live Regex

Here is a useful website for evaluating regular expressions for PHP and testing them out live.

IRC Bouncing with ZNC

Before when I worked from home, keeping a continuous connection to IRC wasn’t that big of a challenge. I was always on a great connection that I controlled. However, since I started my new job, I’ve been struggling for the last 10 months or so to stay as connected on IRC as I had in the past.

Up Next: 2013

Eh, I know I’m late publishing this post, but oh well! 2012 was an amazing year for me: new job, first baby boy, new responsibilities. There were a lot of firsts for me in 2012. So now as I look at 2013, I pretty much think it’s time to iterate over the year again and just try to improve in several areas.

Startups and a Reality Check

I read an article about startups that just really just summarized one of the greatest struggles that they face, and how so many of them are oblivious to the problem.