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A new dedication to blogging, using a new blogging tool

Posted by on March 7th, 2015

It has been too long since I’ve regularly written a blog post. What is really sad is if I look at my web traffic since I stoppe posting over the last three years:

website traffic

So it is time to reverse the trend! I’m returning to my regular blogging schedule. I’m hoping to do more short, frequent blog posts.

One of the hurdles I faced was running my blog on WordPress. Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is still awesome, but it really isn’t how my workflow works these days. I much perfer to use the command line and git.

The other issue was keeping it up-to-date. Everytime I logged into the panel I felt a ping of guilt for not staying on top of updates. It felt like more maintanance than writing (at least for the little writing I was doing).

So I’ve converted my blog to a staticly generated site (I know, I’m like 3 years late to the cool-kid party with that). I’m using Hexo, which is really easy.

There are likely some bugs, and I really need to go back and fix some formatting on older posts. But the site is now live!

… and it is 2:50 am …

Ok, bed time for me!


Justin is a Sr. Director of Engineering at Deseret Digital Media, Previous President of the Utah PHP Usergroup, and frequently works with the Utah Open Source Foundation which organizes the OpenWest Conference. Justin loves just about anything with web technologies from PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Salt, and managing engineering teams.

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