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Happy Birthday PHP

20 Years Ago Today PHP Was Annouced for Release

Webpack, React, and Multiple Versions Issues

Having your app include two different versions of React can lead to serious issues.

Barebones Example of using React & Webpack

Sometimes it is easier to understand the most minimal setup of React + Webpack

Thoughts on Learning React & Flux

A introduction into our process of learning and implementing React & Flux

X-Requested-With, AJAX Requests, and Android WebViews

Why you shouldn't rely on X-Requested-With to determine if an HTTP request is an AJAX call or not.

How often I've blogged in the last 8 years

Since 2008 it has only been downhill.

Return to Blogging

A new dedication to blogging, using a new blogging tool


Given that my twitter feed has been full of news about Ferguson, and Facebook has been completely void of it, I should post something here.

SSH Key Forwarding & Sudo

Lately I’ve been really liking using SSH Key Forwarding to let a server I’m SSH’d into authorize against my key. Most of the time it is so I can pull private git repositories on a server.

Tech Interviews & Softball Questions

While it seems every few months the topic of the interview process goes around the community, and I think the general consensus is most of the time it is ineffective. At DDM, there has been a lot of thought put into our interview process, and so over the next few weeks I hope to share some ideas we’ve had.